Week Two.

Photo Two.

Observations: Today was a day of reckoning. Today was the day I finally packed up all my stuff in order to move into my new place tomorrow. I’m not a stranger to packing up my shit in a hurry, four year of dorm living taught me how to be a pretty efficient mover. In fact, some aspects I actually enjoy. It is a time where you get to assess all your possessions, how important they are, and let go of a few things to make room for the new. I will not try to pretend that I don’t struggle with some pack-rat tendencies of my own. These particular Converse sneakers have been hiding under a pile of shoes in my closet for a good two years after their retirement from everyday wear. I have had these suckers since my junior year in high school and they walked through a lot with me. I have quite an affection for them. They are the perfect type of worn-in, where you know just how they work and they know just how you work. However, today their day finally came. I decided that holding on to them was simply an act in sentimentality and that apart from the occasional thoughtful glance while doing yet another closet clean-out, they simply had no purpose anymore. So instead of holding on to their physicality I have chosen to immortalize them in digital film to keep their memory alive. We had a good run, but as the Pete Seeger song I was listening to earlier oh so wisely tells us, “To every thing there is a season…”

New Year. New Week. Week One.

Photo One.

Observations: New Year, New Week, New Diet. Yes folks, include me in those oh so loathsome New Year’s Resolution Dieters. Now, I know I can’t convince you of this but I actually did not intend for this to be  New Year’s Resolution but the timing happened to work out right. As a rule, I’m one to get worked up over an idea for a week and then cease to follow through with it (along with the other 98% of the population). Though strangely, New Year’s resolutions haven’t necessarily been my thing. I mean, if there is any better opportunity to get pumped up and then slowly trail off something it’s definitely New Year’s resolutions. However, I’m usually a summer resolutionist since that is usually when school life slowed down. However, this year as a result of not seeing not-so-grand results from my work-out regime I decided that it was finally time to revamp my diet just like my fitness schedule. Now I’m pretty good at clocking in my time at the gym every week but the whole “eating healthy and in decent portion sizes” has never been my strong suit. I mean, I am a Southern girl who loves mac and cheese, cornbread, fried chicken, and anything else you could throw at the wall and it would stick. But time has proven that maybe I’ve indulged in these oh-so-delicious “once in a while” treats a few times too many. So this New Year I have decided to go on the most feared and stringent diet for a Southern girl there is, the Atkins diet. Yes, you hear me right…as of January 2nd I have only had 20g of carbs a day. That leaves little room for my beloved Doritoes and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Now, I’m not one to be particularly upset with giving up certain foods for a certain period of time (this phase only last for 2 weeks and then I can start eating moderate amounts of carbohydrates), and to be honest I really don’t miss a lot of it. In fact, I’m becoming a pretty damn good carnivore and egg devourer (hence my hard-boiled egg). I’m actually feeling pretty good. I guess there is something about starting something new when those calendars all turn over that feels right.

Day I Have No Clue.

Ok, this is me admitting it. I’ve really fucked up on this whole One Photo/One Day project. While I have been continuing to take photos on most days I have not been keeping up my writing as I hoped I would. However, instead of doing what I was tempted to do, which is abandon this blog and never look back, I am choosing to redefine my goal to be a teensy bit more manageable now that I’m working full-time (yay!).  My goal now is One Photo/One Week. Just the thought of this takes a weight off my shoulders.

A lot has happened since I last posted here on Observer Obscura. For starters, I am now fully-employed. So happy! I am also through with my apartment search and signed a lease for my own little studio in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m stoked about moving back downtown after being in the burbs for over a year now. This is the first time I will be living completely on my own, without family or roommates. It is terrifying and exhilarating,  not to mention I get to decorate EVERYTHING! You will definitely be getting regular posts (hopefully I’m not shooting myself in the foot with this statement) about my little studio’s aesthetic progress and most likely my fragile emotion state throughout. So here’s to a new year, and a new blog beginning!

Here’s a photo and hint at the upcoming Bohemian decor I’m going for.

Day Thirty Five.

Photo Thirty Five.

Observations: FINALLY! I’m back! Things got a little hairy there for a minute. More on that later.

Photo taken at Yeah! Burger on the Westside. Pre-apartment shopping mayhem. This day did not go as either my sister or I had planned. Originally we were suppose to meet up at 10:30..first mistake. We didn’t get on the road until 11:15. Next, we were both starving and had decided the day before our excursion that we would get breakfast (turned out to be more like lunch) before we began the hunt. We ended up driving from one end of Atlanta to the other trying to find somewhere to eat that didn’t have a 30 minute wait on a Saturday. We ended up at the Westside Yeah! Burger, when we started this whole journey right across the street from the Eastside Yeah! Burger in the Virginia Highlands. Such went the rest of the day. The first set of apartments in NW Atlanta we visited were NOT what I was hoping to see. Turns out when you set a budget for a one bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta below about 800 bucks a month, you got some slim pickings. There was one long-shot complex in Lenox we pulled up to which immediately looked out of my price range. The small one bedroom the agent showed me looked just like Carrie Bradshaw’s from Sex and the City. I was in love. Other than this little sliver of budget-denial optimism, the rest of the day completely stressed me out and got me a little discouraged on the apartment hunt. I couldn’t really picture myself living in any of the places we visited. Expectations were not meeting reality, not an uncommon problem for spoiled white suburban girls. All I can say is, thank god for that Stella at noon.

Day Thirty Four.

Photo Thirty Four.

Observations: This is pretty much how my night went. Dinner at Pappa Deux was delicious and I had the chance to see my friend Merielen from school who I hadn’t seen in months. Then, after I stuffed my face I had to indulge my inner fat girl tendencies and pick up some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough. I mean, come on I got the individual size. That’s shows some restraint right? And then the Apartment Guide, because I’m finally going to be able to move ITP! All in all, a good night.

Day Thirty Three.

Photo Thirty Three.

Observations: Dinner with the sister at Ru-Sans. Eating kimchi salad and drinking Japanese beer. My sister and I are really close, but we don’t usually go out for dinner just the two of us. A lot of times because we are broke, and a lot of the times one of us is working.  There are few people I enjoy being with as much as my sister. We can both be utterly ourselves and know that the other will yes, shamelessly laugh at you if you did something stupid but also be there whenever you need her. Megan has always been the much more reliable and generous of the two of us, but I have made my strides. To have my parents tell it, I would always make Megan go down the slide at the McDonald’s play palace first, just to make sure she made it to the other side and that it wasn’t too scary. To tell you the truth, this is pretty much how the majority of our lives have played out. Megan is usually forging the way, while I follow cautiously behind weighing the pains and mistakes she seemed to make and trying to avoid them. While part of me may be jealous that she seems to get everything first, even though she is the youngest, I realize these are just our personalities. If we were any different then I doubt we would have the relationship we do now or have as much fun as we do.

Day Thirty Two.

Photo Thirty Two.

Observations: You can tell a lot about me just by looking at my keyring. This is probably true about most people, but I’m going to go out and limb and say that mine are a little more distinctive than average. The piece that gets best reaction is my cricket charm. People either think it’s pretty cool and want to look at it up close or they freak out, for real, or think it’s disgusting and ask if I will put it away. I mean come on people, it is encased in acrylic. Chill out. My dad got me that charm after I came back from Thailand, where I ate a fried cricket at an outdoor market. I think it’s pretty cute. The pigs, well they are one of my favorite animals since I was about 9 years old. I remember they were the favorite animal of this other girl in my 5th grade class. I thought cool girls liked pigs, and I mean they were pretty cute, so I decided I should like them too. The gun is from my friend Drew and that has a whole history of its own behind it. It’s funny how something so everyday as a set of keys reveals so much.

Day Thirty One.

Photo Thirty One.

Observations: Magazines are one of my favorite time-wasters. I don’t care how many times I’ve read about how to condition my hair, what’s the best lipstick shade for my skin color, or how to lose 10 lbs by next week I will still read it. Those glossy pages are my weakness and I always love seeing a magazine at the bottom of my mail stack. I don’t even particularly care what magazine it is. Another quirk about my magazine reading, I always flip from back to front. My sister will never cease to comment on the fact this is the strangest thing she has ever seen. I don’t know why I love them so much and why I will read the same articles over and over again and fawn over those editorial photos. I would love to work for a magazine in my future and get to be a part of that world of clothes and jewelery and far away destinations that seem so foreign and out of reach to me at this point in my life.

Day Thirty.

Photo Thirty.

Observations: Speaking of puppies, this is my co-worker Brianna’s adorable pug Margo. Tell me if this is weird, but I love the smell of puppies. I will grab Margo in my arms and smush her against my nose because she just smells so wonderful and warm. It is even more weird, because I think I may be like one of those want-to-be mothers when they smell babies because whenever I smell a puppy I want to run out to the nearest Humane Society and snatch up a puppy of my own. Maybe soon I will feel responsible enough to have my own puppy to sniff.

Day Twenty Nine.

Photo Twenty Nine.

Observations: Liberty Tattoo, Saturday 11.05.11. My friend Drew decided he wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate the passing of his childhood dog Pokey, who he had to put down that day. This fits in nicely with my last post. Drew is very comfortable with commitment it seems to me. I mean, I can barely take care of an animal for as long as he did much less get a tattoo that will remind me of her forever. I guess that’s a good thing to have people around you who are good at what you’re not or afraid to be.