Week Five.

Photo Five.

Observations: Today one of my best friends flew into Atlanta for a layover on his way to Africa. I got to see him for lunch and we got to hang out for a few hours. After not seeing him for months, it was nice to see his face. Just now, I realized that two of my very best friends are thousands of miles away on other continents. As I sat here in Atlanta I realized just how much I miss each of them. While I know that in time I will see each of them again, right now the distance seems very real. It has been a while since I’ve felt particularly melancholy. In fact, over the past few weeks I have been floating around in a state of pretty unshakeable bliss. But on the drive home from the airport, at that certain time of day when the sun is low in the sky and everything is cast in that pre-twilight glow mixed with the unseasonably warm Georgia air, that all too familiar melancholy feeling hit me. Just like that, I felt very alone. At that moment I realized how that feeling of having people you care about so far away always lives just below the surface, and how you skim over it day in and day out. But it only takes a moment for it to hit you. You hear that hilarious thing that only they would get or something upsets you or you see them for just a short while, you immediately feel how real those feelings are and how they were there all this time. More than anything, I am glad I have these people in my life and to know that even though they are miles and miles away that those friendships can stretch any distance.


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