Day I Have No Clue.

Ok, this is me admitting it. I’ve really fucked up on this whole One Photo/One Day project. While I have been continuing to take photos on most days I have not been keeping up my writing as I hoped I would. However, instead of doing what I was tempted to do, which is abandon this blog and never look back, I am choosing to redefine my goal to be a teensy bit more manageable now that I’m working full-time (yay!).  My goal now is One Photo/One Week. Just the thought of this takes a weight off my shoulders.

A lot has happened since I last posted here on Observer Obscura. For starters, I am now fully-employed. So happy! I am also through with my apartment search and signed a lease for my own little studio in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m stoked about moving back downtown after being in the burbs for over a year now. This is the first time I will be living completely on my own, without family or roommates. It is terrifying and exhilarating,  not to mention I get to decorate EVERYTHING! You will definitely be getting regular posts (hopefully I’m not shooting myself in the foot with this statement) about my little studio’s aesthetic progress and most likely my fragile emotion state throughout. So here’s to a new year, and a new blog beginning!

Here’s a photo and hint at the upcoming Bohemian decor I’m going for.


4 thoughts on “Day I Have No Clue.

  1. I love your style 🙂 Where did you find that pillow?

    I’m so glad you’re moving back downtown! Let me know when you get settled in and we can grab drinks and celebrate! I miss seeing you!!

  2. @Emma– Thanks! I actually found the pillow at an antique shop in Suwanee called Queen of Hearts. And I’m excited too! We will definitely be able to hang out more and I’m going to take you up on those drinks.

    @Shivani– I’m going to be living in VaHigh starting mid-January!

  3. Congrats on the new digs and on the decision to go to one photo per week. That is so much more manageable. I kind of wish I had gone that route starting this whole thing, however, since I am 220 days into it, it probably is the way to go. Maybe for next year’s project?
    I look forward to seeing photos of the new place!

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