Day Thirty Five.

Photo Thirty Five.

Observations: FINALLY! I’m back! Things got a little hairy there for a minute. More on that later.

Photo taken at Yeah! Burger on the Westside. Pre-apartment shopping mayhem. This day did not go as either my sister or I had planned. Originally we were suppose to meet up at 10:30..first mistake. We didn’t get on the road until 11:15. Next, we were both starving and had decided the day before our excursion that we would get breakfast (turned out to be more like lunch) before we began the hunt. We ended up driving from one end of Atlanta to the other trying to find somewhere to eat that didn’t have a 30 minute wait on a Saturday. We ended up at the Westside Yeah! Burger, when we started this whole journey right across the street from the Eastside Yeah! Burger in the Virginia Highlands. Such went the rest of the day. The first set of apartments in NW Atlanta we visited were NOT what I was hoping to see. Turns out when you set a budget for a one bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta below about 800 bucks a month, you got some slim pickings. There was one long-shot complex in Lenox we pulled up to which immediately looked out of my price range. The small one bedroom the agent showed me looked just like Carrie Bradshaw’s from Sex and the City. I was in love. Other than this little sliver of budget-denial optimism, the rest of the day completely stressed me out and got me a little discouraged on the apartment hunt. I couldn’t really picture myself living in any of the places we visited. Expectations were not meeting reality, not an uncommon problem for spoiled white suburban girls. All I can say is, thank god for that Stella at noon.


4 thoughts on “Day Thirty Five.

  1. Did you check out Monroe Place or Gables Midtown? I believe they have studio apartments. As far as price, on they were lower than $900 I believe. Both of those will be what I am looking at as soon as I settle into employment lol

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