Day Thirty Two.

Photo Thirty Two.

Observations: You can tell a lot about me just by looking at my keyring. This is probably true about most people, but I’m going to go out and limb and say that mine are a little more distinctive than average. The piece that gets best reaction is my cricket charm. People either think it’s pretty cool and want to look at it up close or they freak out, for real, or think it’s disgusting and ask if I will put it away. I mean come on people, it is encased in acrylic. Chill out. My dad got me that charm after I came back from Thailand, where I ate a fried cricket at an outdoor market. I think it’s pretty cute. The pigs, well they are one of my favorite animals since I was about 9 years old. I remember they were the favorite animal of this other girl in my 5th grade class. I thought cool girls liked pigs, and I mean they were pretty cute, so I decided I should like them too. The gun is from my friend Drew and that has a whole history of its own behind it. It’s funny how something so everyday as a set of keys reveals so much.


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