Day Thirty Three.

Photo Thirty Three.

Observations: Dinner with the sister at Ru-Sans. Eating kimchi salad and drinking Japanese beer. My sister and I are really close, but we don’t usually go out for dinner just the two of us. A lot of times because we are broke, and a lot of the times one of us is working.  There are few people I enjoy being with as much as my sister. We can both be utterly ourselves and know that the other will yes, shamelessly laugh at you if you did something stupid but also be there whenever you need her. Megan has always been the much more reliable and generous of the two of us, but I have made my strides. To have my parents tell it, I would always make Megan go down the slide at the McDonald’s play palace first, just to make sure she made it to the other side and that it wasn’t too scary. To tell you the truth, this is pretty much how the majority of our lives have played out. Megan is usually forging the way, while I follow cautiously behind weighing the pains and mistakes she seemed to make and trying to avoid them. While part of me may be jealous that she seems to get everything first, even though she is the youngest, I realize these are just our personalities. If we were any different then I doubt we would have the relationship we do now or have as much fun as we do.


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