Day Twenty Eight.

Photo Twenty Eight.

Observations: My tortoise Melvin. Isn’t he adorable? I’ve had him since I was 11 or so and if you know anything about tortoises you know they live FOREVER. I’m talking 40+ years. By the mere fact that I mentioned this you can accurately read into it that I’m not a huge fan of long term commitment. I refuse to get a tattoo, not because I am opposed to the idea of inking my body from some moral standpoint but because I simply can’t think of anything I would want on me for the rest of my life. The thought of being tied to something for any extended period of time disconcerts me, makes me feel claustrophobic. I think sometimes if I wasn’t born into the commitments I have to my family that even their attachment in my life would be stressful. I love my family. I love Melvin. I love my friends.  But when I think of the commitment I have to them my stomach gets a little uneasy even. I fear finding job I love, a partner I love, a place I love because I feel like I am forever tied to them. I guess I’m afraid of being content and settling. I’m not sure what I find wrong about settling down if it is with someone or someplace I love, but I just can’t shake the feeling.


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