Day Twenty Seven.

Photo Twenty Seven.

Observations: Spoils from a shopping trip with the Moms. Since I will be starting my new very grown-up job in a few weeks I thought it would be a smart idea to upgrade my wardrobe a little bit. These are all the heels I bought because let’s face it, heels just scream grown-upness. Being as I’m 5’1 the added height also helps me look like less of a 12 year old. Shopping trips with my mom have been a family tradition since my sister and I have been about 6 years old. Hours and hours we comb clothing racks and paw over every single item in the store. Exhausting, yes. Time consuming, yes. Total bonding experience, that too. It’s funny when I think back to the jelly shoes I would have been picking off the shelves when I was 6 and my choice of footwear now.


One thought on “Day Twenty Seven.

  1. If I were to wear heels like yours, I would be a few inches over 6 feet! And every so often I do just that! Sometimes it is good to look at the tops of heads…

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