Day Twenty Eight.

Photo Twenty Eight.

Observations: Taken on my patio on this gorgeous fall day. I am one that usually thinks shots of flowers can be pretty cliche and boring. However, there is this inherent beauty in them that never gets old. Looking into nature makes me aware of living in the present moment, I know even more cliche of an idea. I’ve worked really hard on trying to live my life in the moment, which is quite often unsuccessful but surprisingly more moments are becoming completely fleeting and beautiful. Yet, sometimes I don’t trust this living in the moment deal. Who is going to plan for the future? Who is going to ask the questions that need to be asked? Who is making sure everything is going to be all right later on down the road? I’m all caught up in the moment when messes are being made that need cleaning up, that responsibilities are piling up, when expectations and life goals are waiting to be met. I am trying to be ok with breathing in and trusting that all things have their time and will be dealt with in their moment.


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