Day Twenty Two.

Photo Twenty Two.

Observations: Forgive my recent absence from posting. Due to Halloween I had to take the entire weekend to pull my costume together, carve pumpkins, eat a million pieces of bite-size candies, get drunk, listen to Thriller, watch Rocky Horror, and have an amazing time in general. But let’s start at the beginning.

October 29th, Photo Twenty Two. Jo Calderone. As you know, gays are my audience. Therefore, I found dressing up as Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone (for those of you who don’t know, here is a little background) was the perfect Halloween costume choice. Upon first glance every gay man (and a few straight women) could identify my reference. This was also the first time in my life where my breasts were too big and threw the costume off (the next night I decided, with the help of Megan, that I would Saran wrap them down). But all in all, the Jo costume was a huge success.

Friday of Halloween weekend began with pumpkin carving, a failed barbecue, and a viewing of Rocky Horror at the Plaza Theatre come midnight. I am always a big fan of outrageous counter-culture displays, and Friday night at Rocky Horror is one of its meccas granted Halloween weekend draws a few mainstreamers. Now I am no stranger to Rocky Horror but I wouldn’t call myself a regular. However, I must have some kind of cred because I did show up dressed as Janet last Halloween. While this year wasn’t quite such a production on my part, Rocky Horror is always a good time no matter what. Megan and I purchased all the paraphernalia earlier in the night so we were prepared with squirt guns, confetti, and toilet paper. Add in a few drinks at the Righteous Room next door before showtime and we were down for whatever the night had in store. Drew came to join us afterward and we were ushered into the theatre filled with virgins and enthusiasts alike. The Lips Down on Dixie cast was as hilarious as I remember. Everyone felt free to be rude, crude, and generally obnoxious in every way. I loved it.


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