Day Twenty Three.

Photo Twenty Three.

Observations: And so Halloween weekend continued. Photo taken at Edgewood Kroger while Megan was buying necessary cooking supplies to feed my sorry ass waiting in the car because my feet were killing me from walking around in Jo cowboy boots all day. The moon behind the fall leaves looked particularly representative of the mood of the season. This is what I love about fall, those leaves and just a touch of crisp air when you open your car door or step outside. There is something electric about it.

Saturday’s Halloween festivities continued on with a trip to Burkharts with Megan (dressed as a Grease Pink Lady). After some homemade soup and a few frozen cocktails, which I still don’t understand why we drank curled up freezing ourselves in Megan’s adorable but drafty house, we headed to Burkharts for more drinks and costume flaunting. While the night was cold I kept warm with my Saran-wrapped chest. After making over Drew’s homemade ring leader costume, singing way too loud to Adele and Gaga, finally finding Mr. Stanley the vampire, and $50 bar tabs on both mine and Megan’s credit cards, it felt like Halloween had officially been done and done well.


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