Day Twenty-Five.

Photo Twenty-Five.

Observations: Taken at Wired & Fired (my own hand-painted Franken-tile by the way).

Halloween Day. My favorite holiday, yet this year lands on a Monday, my least favorite day. Despite this setback in timing I decided to make the most of a weekday Halloween I had to spend at work. I bought some candy from the store, loaded up my adorable bat pail, put on some cat ears and painted on some whiskers. If you have to be stuck at work on Halloween, Wired & Fired isn’t the worst place to be stuck at. We had a few trick-or-treaters and a few painters. But no matter, I get really particular about how I spend my Halloweens and I always have a pang of nostalgia and longing to be out there trick-or-treating or at least spending it with my family. I mean seriously, I take Halloween almost as seriously as I take Christmas. At the VERY least I have to make my day as Halloween themed as possible. For instance, I listened to the Halloween Party Pandora all the way to work and gave out as much free candy as I could. In the end, after closing up shop I headed over to Burkharts for one last Hallow-hurrah.


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