Day Twenty One.

Photo Twenty One.

Observations: Taken at The Judgement Free Zone, also known as the nightly hang-out for Sean and I, and also also known as Planet Fitness. Since I couldn’t use the Georgia State gym anymore after graduation I decided it was time to be a grown-up and get a gym membership. Luckily, Mr. Sean Stanley let me know about Planet Fitness which is super cheap. Besides the monetary perks, this particular Planet Fitness really does have this chill, relaxed vibe to it. I’m not intimidated to go in, in fact I look forward to time at the gym now. It really has been a great stress reliever and makes me feel productive even on my most unproductive days. I never thought I would be one of those people that enjoys exercising, and some days I’m definitely not. But more often than not I spend my nights at Planet Fitness on the elliptical with my earbuds in, looking crazy because I’m laughing to myself while watching Chelsea Lately. I may never get that bangin’ body I dream of when I read magazines or watch movies (I like cake, ok), but just the act of working out makes me feel relaxed, stronger, more in control. Maybe I should take a tip from the Planet Fitness playbook and not judge so much.


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