Day Twenty.

Photo Twenty.

Observations: Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Ever since I was a kid I have prided myself in my costume creating abilities. Among my favorites are: Spongebob Squarepants (which required me to paint a cardboard box to resemble the yellow sponge and cutting out eye holes. However my peripheral vision was entirely blocked and proved to be quite dangerous when going up and down unfamiliar staircases) and Juno (which did not require me to buy anything and was spot on in my opinion, see photo below). This year I am going as Jo Calderone, aka Lady Gaga in drag. My wig just arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m hoping I can pull off this costume for under 20 bucks. Pictures to follow.

There is just something about Halloween for me. I doesn’t have the required sentimentality and pressures of Christmas and is uninhibited from too many strict traditions. All I need to have an amazing Halloween is a few horror movies and candy, at least one place to show off my costume, and maybe a carved pumpkin. Simple, fun, cheap. It’s a chance to be someone or something else, to have fun, let loose, and be crazy. What’s not to love?


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty.

  1. hahahaah! Lauren, I LOVE the Juno getup! Is that your real high school hair? Adorable!
    Gosh, were you in High School when Juno came out?

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