Day Eighteen.

Photo Eighteen. (Confession: I totally missed Saturday’s photo, forgive me.)

Observations: This is a plate my sister painted for me at Wired & Fired. I absolutely love it. This week I had to work Saturday and Sunday at the studio. However, it was kind of fun because my sister and I both worked on Sunday and got to paint a bit together. Megan is such a passionate person when it comes to things she likes to do. I swear to God she has 50 pieces of pottery she has painted over the past two years. Seeing her work so hard, but also enjoy painting so much makes me slightly jealous that I have lost that part of me that has a real passion for something. I can remember as a kid, waking up and being so excited that it was a new day when I had a project I was working on. As I’ve grown up I feel I’ve lost that burning desire to get up and accomplish something. I think most of us do. My life now is filled with should do this and ought to do that. Seeing my sister love something so much makes me want to rekindle that desire in myself again.


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