Day Sixteen.

Photo Sixteen.

Observations: For everything there is a season and autumn is the season for leggings and boots. Now, every time I walk into a room everyone knows it because the clacking of these boots is so loud. I love it. Some things in a woman’s wardrobe just make her feel special. I don’t know if men have this same sort of phenomenon in their lives but if they don’t, well I just feel sorry for them. Slipping on something that fits just right or causes you to look just like you want to can have mood altering effects the likes a tub of Ben and Jerry’s can help you deal with a hard day. It may not actually make your life any better, but you sure as hell feel better. Now actually, I may argue that this mood altering effect in turn can make your life better if you allow it to. Kind of a chicken or the egg argument, but I know that if I look good and feel really great about how I look (this is the key, because there are a lot of beautiful women out there that feel like shit everyday) then I will tend to get up and do something with my day. On the other hand, if I skulk around my house in pajamas all day like a zombie (see next post) then I feel way less inclined to contribute in any way to society. There it is in a nutshell, cute boots can change the world.


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