Day Seventeen.

Photo Seventeen.

Observations: Ah, yes. The season of the horror genre (also known as the season of boots and leggings) is upon us. If you know good television then you already know about The Walking Dead and what a gory, bloody, brilliant show it is. Who doesn’t want to see a zombie gutted with a hunting knife in search of the contents of his stomach, only after fighting through layers of blood, intestine, and unidentifiable meaty bits? A lot of people I imagine, but I’m not one of them. I have a special fondness for The Walking Dead since it is filmed right here in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, my alma mater Georgia State University is actually in a few episodes from Season One. (GSU was also featured in Zombieland, which was pretty cool too.) Unfortunately, I missed most of the later episodes of Season One for one reason or the other. Now that Season Two is starting up I have decided I must get caught up and fast. I already watched the Season Two premiere last Sunday which promised some intense story lines in the near future. It’s the perfect gore fix leading up to my most favorite of holidays.

If you guys watched it, what did you think? Going to be as good or better than last season?


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