Day Twelve.

Photo Twelve.

Observations: A few catch-up posts are about to ensue. This photo was taken, Sunday October 16. This one is a little gross, but bear with me. In a particular fit of nervousness and anxiety, I bit off all my nails. A nasty little habit I know, but everyone has their vices. Whenever I feel there is something in my way, an obstacle I’m not sure how to move or not sure if I have it in me to do what I know I need to do, I fall back on this vice in particular. You can tell by the state of my nails what kind of mood I’ve been in recently. If there was a paper due the night before in undergrad, my nails would be gone the next. In a weird way, it is like most vices in that it gives me a chance to focus my mind on something else and get away from the problem. True, there are most likely a lot more productive things I could be doing with my time while trying to figure something out but it happens. Eventually, I figure out what I need to do and do it. I just hope that the frustrations and confusion I’m facing now will be solved sooner rather than later.


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