Day Thirteen.

Photo Thirteen.

Observations: Taken Monday October 17. This photo was taken while packing up for a few days of camping on Red Top Mountain in Northwest Georgia with Drew and Holy (hence my lack of recent posts). As you can see I have all the essentials. I was so excited to use this vintage Thermos cooler I found in my parent’s garage. It is just cool to look at (the swing latch is my favorite part). Now, I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for beauty over function. However, this particular beauty did it’s duty very well. It kept my Woodchuck Cider’s icy cold the whole trip (for my non-Facebook friends, if you get the chance to try Woodchuck Fall Cider please do. I can’t explain how it actually tastes like autumn, amazing flavor). I was so excited on our way up. The air was just perfect and the weather for the day seemed to be staying beautiful. This was the first time I had been camping without my family, so I was anxious to test the skills I had learned from all those weekend trips to Lake Lanier.


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