Day Fourteen.

Photo Fourteen.

Observations: Taken Tuesday October 18. This is the view I woke up to after the first night of camping. Granted we hit the sleeping bags at around midnight after gathering firewood (moderately successful) and roasting hotdogs (even less successful), I probably averaged about 3 hours of sleep. Interval sleeping, it’s all the rage. Actually it is the worst. I swear I woke up about every 20 minutes that night. This was my first time, that I recall, sleeping only on a sleeping bag. While the air mattress my sister and I usually share on our camping adventures usually ends up on the rocky ground eventually, at least we start off elevated. Anyway, I’m not the best wilderness sleeper. However, at least I was dry and relatively warm (see next post). The trees were gorgeous and the leaves were falling. The rest of the day was filled with walking down to the shore of Lake Allatoona right next to our site, minature golfing (and sucking at it), learning to play Spades (sucking even more, but definitely entertaining everyone else), and goofing off in general (with the help of one too many FourLokos). There were moments of great serenity and solitude, moments of genuine laughter and fun, and moments of concern and discomfort. Nature, more than anything else, can make you aware of the balance you need in your life. In its most pure form, when you witness it, nature strips away what is unnecessary and points out those places in your soul where you know the truth, what you need and what you don’t.


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