Day Fifteen.

Photo Fifteen.

Observations: The best part about camping is usually coming back home to your warm house. This was definitely the case today. Last night we were pounded by a sudden 2:00 AM downpour. The failed attempt to cover the tent moonroof with a tablecloth I had did nothing to shelter us from the rain. As a result, poor Holly and Drew were left soaking wet from sleeping on the outside edges of the tent. Meanwhile, Holly’s friend Ryan (who joined our homestead the last night) and I were just as dry and cozy as could be in between them. However, we all woke up freezing cold. We were definitely over it. After a lightning fast gather-up of all our things, we hit the road and didn’t look back. After a pit stop at Shoney’s for a particularly sub-par breakfast buffet (and quite a few uncomfortable exchanges with our waiter/bacon enthusiast) we were homeward bound not a minute too soon. I really did have a good time at Red Top Mountain, but I was also relieved to be home. After hosing down everything I own and laying it out to dry, I plopped down for a nap and hot mug of tea. While some parts of the camping excursion were not the most comfortable, I do feel a little more relaxed then when I headed out. An experience, to say the least.


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