Day Ten.

Photo Ten.

Observations: The newest roller coaster, Dare Devil which boasts a 90 degree ascent and plummet. Taken at Turner Night at Six Flags Over Georgia with Mr. Sean Stanley. Six Flags opened up just for all Turner employees from 7-11 pm and my boy Sean, who works at HLN making on-air graphics for none other than Dr. Drew, invited me along. Sean even overcame his fear of heights and rode Goliath for the first time (even though I’m pretty sure he cried a little bit during the ascent). Definitely the best ride in the park. After we got a good adrenaline high, we had enough of the night left for a few micro-naps and our favorite past time, drinking. Three drinks, Super Bass on the speakers, and one lost (and found) car key later I can definitely say it was a good night. I just realized how corny this next statement was going to be, so when I say, “no pun intended” I actually mean it: with all the ups and downs (drum snare) my life is bound to take, I am grateful for moments where I feel young, happy, and alive.


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