Day Eleven.

Photo Eleven.

Observations: Taken at Panorama Apple House in Elijay, GA. The Apple Festival. Another one of those small town fairs that I remember vividly as a child and today revisited. I remember wandering around the craft booths, kicking the gravel rocks, the feel of the fall air. As much as I have grown-up, seen things, heard different points of view, the people at small Southern fairs will always have a special place in my heart. I can remember wanting to be one of those little clog dancing girls on stage in front of the whole town. If you have no idea what this is, you must be from the North or had the good fortune never to have gotten too close to the Appalachian trail. Here is what you’ve been missing. Yes, it borders on something from Deliverance but to a five year old Georgia girl, they were the shit. Many a time I have (and still do) felt like a country bumpkin, looked down on my background, and wished for any way out of this state. In these moments I should do well to remember that there are worse ways to grow up than to have wished for a fluffy gingham skirt and clogging shoes.


One thought on “Day Eleven.

  1. I am one of those Northern girls, however, I am very familiar with the clogging girls – I am in an area steeped with tradition and clogging seems to be one of those!
    I love the bags of apples! Beautiful!

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