Day Eight.

Photo Eight.

Observations: I am a compulsive list maker. I have 50 Post-its of to-do lists, things to remember, goals, things to look up later…it’s a problem. Why? Because I have so many lists that I forget where a particular list is and never cross anything off of it. I have a Do list app on my phone with a bullet to organize the files on my Mac that has been there for at LEAST 3 months. Do these lists actually help me accomplish anything? Maybe…sometimes…if I feel particularly motivated. However, they do serve as a form of stress relief. Whether I accomplish the items on my lists or not, at least they are out of my head. They seem do able on paper or on a screen. It helps me break down my thoughts into actions (which hopeful I actually take). Here is to accomplishing a few things on my to-do list! What’s on yours?


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