Day Five.

Photo Five.

Observations: And so it continues. This photo has a certain friend cropped out by his own request. Enjoying my 2nd Atlanta Pride Weekend. The first time I had been to Piedmont Park for all the festivities (including Ms. Mary Edith Pitts), then on to Blakes, and finally ending the night at Chinese Buddha (you can’t end the night without stuffing your drunken self with Chinese food). Needless to say I loved every minute of it, except for waking up on Monday. That I could have lived without. There is something about being surrounded by people who are proud to be who they are and ready to have a good time that makes you feel good. I saw children playing in the park, oblivious to what was going on I’m sure, having just as much fun as if it were any other day out. What if we were all raised to have that type of attitude? How could the world be any worse off for loving other people?


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