Day Three.

Photo Three. MISSING!!! [and now stolen! muhaha]

Only Day Three & already forgot to take a picture? Yes. You caught me. However, on Day Three I did have the most fun celebrating Emma Loggin’s (of birthday along with some of her very funny and cool friends. Shark cake, launching stuffed dogs off trash cans, meeting great new people, and laughter for hours made for a great time. Many pictures were taken so my plan is to guest feature some photography from the night…I call it creative highjacking.

But here is my peace offering, mostly to my own guilty conscience, another photo I took from Day One.

Observations: I am a package design whore. Shopping at Kroger with Drew became a critique and criticism of everything we passed, either on lack of nutritional value (in part due to my viewing of Food Inc. recently)  or the fact that it had some combination of the worst design elements possible. However, this O-Live & Co bottle is absolutely adorable in every way.


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